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Happy Record Store Day!!

Happy Record Store Day!!

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Dear Anthony, I am a fellow music fan. If I'm someone that loves music and seeks it out on my own, why do I care what you think about certain projects that I'd listen to anyways? For example, take Gambino's "because the internet". I listened to this before you reviewed it and thought it was spectacular. There's absolutely nothing anyone could tell me to make me like it less. Regardless, I like to hear your opinion and read any review of the album I can. Am I insecure about my opinion?


You could be insecure in your opinions, but there are better ways of gauging that than simply wanting to hear a second opinion on something. For one, are you afraid to voice your opinions in front of others? That’s the real test.

As far as wanting to hear the perspectives of others, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Perspectives and reactions are essentially how we gauge the musical experience, isn’t it? Sure, we can break down a song’s technical, sonic, and compositional aspects, but what value do these things have to an individual if they don’t warrant some kind of reaction? We want these things to add up into emotional or a physical responses.

But we all know that songs cause different reactions for different people. If you’re a true music fan, I don’t see how you can’t find this interesting. Being curious about that, I think, speaks to the faith we have in music to open minds, change lives, and really impact people.

As fans, we sometimes try to gauge that impact by taking in the reactions of others via reviews or wherever we see others dropping their opinions. Sometimes these opinions inform us, change our perceptions, or even reinforce what we already believe. None of these outcomes are necessarily bad.

We seek the opinions of others when it comes to other major life experiences, so why do we assume we’re feeble-minded or inauthentic when it comes to music?

I’m sorry, but liking some album before everyone else doesn’t make you a special snowflake, and neither does forming an opinion with no outside perspectives influencing you—or so you think. You’re a human whose perspectives are heavily based on a series of life experiences that were all guided by the context they occurred in.

You’re not a floating brain encased in a glass cube that’s housed in some kind of white room with no contact to the outside world. If you were, you probably wouldn’t get much enjoyment out of Because The Internet since you’d have no way of interpreting it!

It’s pretty easy to “think for yourself” if all you do is limit yourself to your own ideas and similar perspectives. This is the same way racists, sexists, religious zealots, traditionalists, and homophobes keep their philosophical ideals intact. This is the same way members of one political party shriek at the corruption of the opposing side, but manage to rationalize the fraudulence of the politicians they’re supporting instead. The “if it’s popular, it’s good” mentality drinks from the same punchbowl.

Reading into second opinions isn’t looking half bad now, is it?

How can you tell if an idea holds water if you never challenge it? Ideas can be powerful tools, but that’s only the case if it can be justified or applied to the real world. Until then, there’s no use in harboring it.

"Even before making music I was always someone that you had to get to know, at school or elementary. I walked the hallways. I would take your pizza."
— Rick Ross

"Even before making music I was always someone that you had to get to know, at school or elementary. I walked the hallways. I would take your pizza."

— Rick Ross

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